Light Bathing

Send me your brightest lights

I will anchor them here

Send me your sweetest rays

To renew me

Erase my falsities

Into nothing

I won’t make love to my own waste

Through the years

And be

A living morgue

My tissues and bones

Embedded with deception

when you

Are such simple erasure

I am, I will be, I was

As you created me to be

And no thing other

Light me up

With your purest beams

Let me drink them into

Each cell

And send them out all over here

‘The crownless again shall be king’

Like weeds

I am renegade

I suck light

And beam it out

I am sovereign

I choose

I feel Natural Power

And roll with it

I love

I beam it out

I am sovereign unto myself

as Life created me to be

I do not submit to these fake laws

Or these fake princes

Real queens have no subjects

Don’t forget

Our majesty blazes forth

Like this bluebell

And that dandelion’s halo

And that oak

And that fir

And that crow’s fierce-eyed cry

We roll on

As One

In deep reverence

In connection

In love

In this


Ever expanding





Empowered ⭐️ Free ⭐️ Magnificent