You are my Himalaya

You are a mountain, you are my Himalaya

I trek around your base camps and try to acclimatise to this much intense beauty.

One day, I will make an attempt at the summit.

I will bring an ice axe:

crampons, oxygen, ladders and

I will reach you.


Nature Teacher: help me back to love

Bramble, I love your circles and spheres
Your tiny green globes
Your planets in mini
Are magnificent
Your green to pink intense, soft
Soft but intense
A gentle blaze of power
I am attracted to your wild gentleness
Your sticky thorns and your soft tones
Your constant emissions of love-sanity
Unbroken into a world broken
Humility at you:
Ease my thorns
the pain, the tight, knotted emotions
keep me unconscious
Let me wear mine as you do:
Through natural armour
Your earth light
Slipping out of strain and weight,
I unfurl
Like you with your green to pink to white
moments with you, bramble, help me back to love 💚


What did I do?
I sat under a tree
I breathed
I felt love
I was total peace
I felt my heart in intense joy
I tried to manage myself in intense fear:
On that cliff edge
In that plane
At that party
I hid
I kept my wings rigid closed
I looked for you
I loved you
I gave myself up to you
Even in this curiously closed off place
Where you are mostly absent
I was free to choose but I didn't know it
I was subsumed by down
Even in the most beautiful places and situations I excelled at deflation
Light coming gradually
Pushing up through the heavy years
Bound to you by just a scrap of rope then
You, pulling me through the cold nights
You, pulling us all through the cold nights
Unseen, unwanted
That's real love
That terrifying force, like a plane at take off
In my head, it could all go so horribly wrong
But it doesn't
Why can't I always surrender to you?
When it's always you that moves me
And I'm home!
I watched
I breathed
I loved
It's all I really wanted.

The Kingdom of Light


No, I’m not working today
I’m taking some breathing space
I’m not a robot
I’m spreading my energy wings deep and wide
Into this broken consciousness
We call life
I’m blazing as I eat this toast
A kaleidoscope at breakfast
I’m going to fold laundry into beautiful piles
After I’ve sat slowly staring out with my espresso vanilla

Not rushing, not late, not dimmed:
With the full spectrum
technicolor intensity of the light warrior:
From the kingdom
Trained in the ways of the kingdom
Dedicated to the kingdom

There are no exceptions in the kingdom of light
All things beam forth in perfect clarity
We might not remember
But it’s true
There are no exceptions

The Joy Bringers

img_0682I love the storytellers and the jugglers

The enchanters, the dream weavers, musicians
And earth lovers
The ones who make magic and joy with words, paint, colour and sound
Boundless and unfettered
in thought and imagination
Answerable to no one but that inner creative genie
The ones who free the spirit to soar, to roam
To  f e e l
The dancers and acrobats of body and mind
Those dazzling wizards of beauty!

Their passions save me
From frustration at rationality, logic, form
From the arrogant, goody-two-shoes beaurocrats of being (telling us how it is, keeping us down with statistics and peer reviewed studies)
From the world shrinkers and controllers
From the know-it-all war getters
Those outrageous monopolisers of freedom!

Some of us don’t want to fit that warped and tiny vision
Let’s build a wall of clarity between us for all to see
Let’s take our place among the joy bringers
Let’s stand up exactly where we are as iridescent players of life
Multi-faceted, brilliant
Eternal, unstoppable

I’ve never seen one rational thing in the natural universe
Only a million enchantments
We are made of enchantment, light and sparkling space
We are essentially and immutably magnificent creative power
We don’t have to live by anything less

Passionate Revolution


I am not interested in personal aggrandisement

I don’t want to stand out

I don’t want to have a company and name it after myself

I don’t want to feel important because of what I do

I don’t want to be my job title

I don’t want to be an expert

I don’t want to be ‘somebody’!

Creating a personality is such a fun, creative journey but I’m not interested

I just want to let it all go, slow it all down

I want to experience, I want to really feel this breath

I want to be with the beauty and the weeds in my garden

I want to sit beneath the rookery and close my eyes

And come quietly into the majesty that lies beneath all things

Into this sweet caressing breath

Into this simple joy of aliveness that requires no embellishment

That is so deeply satisfying and bewitching, calling me back and back and back

I want to find out what I am with nothing added