Heavily MediTated

Yes to the King

Yes to bathing in the pure Light
Yes to living in the field of
Pure Love
That is all around, always
Yes to powering up
To easily going beyond
Yes to Healing
Yes to Regeneration
Yes to the Wildest, Grandest Vision
Yes to the Fearless and Free
Yes to staying Present
And honouring the flow of Life
Yes to Life
Yes to Joy
Yes to Peace
Yes to Bliss

How much Joy can a body hold? How much Love? How much ease and comfort, how much Healing? How much sacred, life-giving Breath? ❤️💋

Light Bathing

Send me your brightest lights

I will anchor them here

Send me your sweetest rays

To renew me

Erase my falsities

Into nothing

I won’t make love to my own waste

Through the years

And be

A living morgue

My tissues and bones

Embedded with deception

when you

Are such simple erasure

I am, I will be, I was

As you created me to be

And no thing other

Light me up

With your purest beams

Let me drink them into

Each cell

And send them out all over here